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Sex and Cognition

Author: Doreen Kimura
Publsiher: MIT Press
Total Pages: 234
Release: 2000-07-24
Genre: Psychology
ISBN: 9780262611640
Rating: 4.2/5 (626 downloads)

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Doreen Kimura provides an intelligible overview of what is known about the neural and hormonal bases of sex differences in behavior, particularly differences in cognitive ability. In this fact-driven book, Doreen Kimura provides an intelligible overview of what is known about the neural and hormonal bases of sex differences in behavior, particularly differences in cognitive ability. Kimura argues that women and men differ not only in physical attributes and reproductive function, but also in how they solve common problems. She offers evidence that the effects of sex hormones on brain organization occur so early in life that, from the start, the environment is acting on differently wired brains in girls and boys. She presents various behavioral, neurological, and endocrinological studies that shed light on the processes giving rise to these sex differences in the brain.

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Biology, Society, and Behavior

Author: Ann V. McGillicuddy-De Lisi
Publsiher: Greenwood Publishing Group
Total Pages: 308
Release: 2002
Genre: Children
ISBN: 9781567506327
Rating: 4.5/5 (675 downloads)

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Applying current theory and research, this book links the development of sex differences in cognition to biological foundations, multiple social processes, and contextual factors. Areas covered include evolutionary biology, neuroscience, social roles, and cultural contextualism and the issues of the onset, causes, developmental trajectories, and patterns in children's and adolescents' thinking, problem-solving, academic performance, and social conditions that are related to behaviors in each of these areas. An edited volume with chapters by leading scholars, this book is meant for use by graduate students, researchers, and practitioners in the fields of developmental cognitive and psychology, learning and socialization, biology, and education. Cognitive domains addressed include language and verbal abilities, mathematical and quantitative abilities, spatial abilities, and social cognition.

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Hormones, Gender and the Aging Brain

Author: Mary F. Morrison
Publsiher: Cambridge University Press
Total Pages: 359
Release: 2000-05-04
Genre: Medical
ISBN: 1139426451
Rating: 4.4/5 (264 downloads)

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The significance of hormone action in psychiatry has been long studied, now including the psychiatric effects of hormones on the aging process. This clinical reference addresses the hormonal basis of mental disorders in older people. Hormones influence a wide range of states and conditions, from pain tolerance and anorexia to attention, mood, immunity, cardiovascular and cognitive function, schizophrenia and Alzheimer's disease. Written by an eminent team of psychiatrists, psychologists, geriatricians and neuropharmacologists, this book brings together established information and findings in four sections: • An overview of the basic science of neurosteroids • Sex difference and the roles that cortisol, thyroid hormone, and the sex steroids estrogen, progesterone, dehydroepiandrosterone and testosterone play in common mental disorders and pain sensitivity • Psychoneuroimmunology in relation to age • Sex differences and hormones in psychotropic drug metabolism in the elderly.

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Cognition and Sex Differences

Author: Colin Hamilton
Publsiher: Bloomsbury Publishing
Total Pages: 296
Release: 2008-04-04
Genre: Psychology
ISBN: 1350312177
Rating: 4.3/5 (121 downloads)

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This text provides a fascinating approach to the widely studied area of individual differences and in particular sex differences. The book looks at perception, attention, memory, language and other cognitive domains, with each chapter outlining the processes involved before explaining the relationship between each sex and cognitive performance.

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Sex Differences in Cognition

Author: Ellen Ava Lyons
Total Pages: 50
Release: 1984
Genre: Androgyny (Psychology)
Rating: 4./5 ( downloads)

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Longitudinal Analysis

Author: Lesa Hoffman
Publsiher: Routledge
Total Pages: 654
Release: 2015-01-30
Genre: Psychology
ISBN: 1317591089
Rating: 4.5/5 (91 downloads)

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Longitudinal Analysis provides an accessible, application-oriented treatment of introductory and advanced linear models for within-person fluctuation and change. Organized by research design and data type, the text uses in-depth examples to provide a complete description of the model-building process. The core longitudinal models and their extensions are presented within a multilevel modeling framework, paying careful attention to the modeling concerns that are unique to longitudinal data. Written in a conversational style, the text provides verbal and visual interpretation of model equations to aid in their translation to empirical research results. Overviews and summaries, boldfaced key terms, and review questions will help readers synthesize the key concepts in each chapter. Written for non-mathematically-oriented readers, this text features: A description of the data manipulation steps required prior to model estimation so readers can more easily apply the steps to their own data An emphasis on how the terminology, interpretation, and estimation of familiar general linear models relates to those of more complex models for longitudinal data Integrated model comparisons, effect sizes, and statistical inference in each example to strengthen readers’ understanding of the overall model-building process Sample results sections for each example to provide useful templates for published reports Examples using both real and simulated data in the text, along with syntax and output for SPSS, SAS, STATA, and Mplus at to help readers apply the models to their own data The book opens with the building blocks of longitudinal analysis—general ideas, the general linear model for between-person analysis, and between- and within-person models for the variance and the options within repeated measures analysis of variance. Section 2 introduces unconditional longitudinal models including alternative covariance structure models to describe within-person fluctuation over time and random effects models for within-person change. Conditional longitudinal models are presented in section 3, including both time-invariant and time-varying predictors. Section 4 reviews advanced applications, including alternative metrics of time in accelerated longitudinal designs, three-level models for multiple dimensions of within-person time, the analysis of individuals in groups over time, and repeated measures designs not involving time. The book concludes with additional considerations and future directions, including an overview of sample size planning and other model extensions for non-normal outcomes and intensive longitudinal data. Class-tested at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln and in intensive summer workshops, this is an ideal text for graduate-level courses on longitudinal analysis or general multilevel modeling taught in psychology, human development and family studies, education, business, and other behavioral, social, and health sciences. The book’s accessible approach will also help those trying to learn on their own. Only familiarity with general linear models (regression, analysis of variance) is needed for this text.

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Sex Differences in Cognitive Abilities

Author: Diane F. Halpern
Publsiher: Psychology Press
Total Pages: 621
Release: 2000-02-01
Genre: Psychology
ISBN: 1135681953
Rating: 4.6/5 (819 downloads)

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In the third edition of her popular text, Sex Differences in Cognitive Abilities, Diane Halpern tackles fundamental questions about the meaning of sex differences in cognition and why people are so afraid of the differences. She provides a comprehensive context for understanding the theories and research on this controversial topic. The author employs the psychobiosocial model of cognition to negotiate a cease fire on the nature-nurture wars and offers a more holistic and integrative conceptualization of the forces that make people unique. This new edition reflects the explosion of theories and research in the area over the past several years. New techniques for peering into the human brain have changed the nature of the questions being asked and the kinds of answers that can be expected. There have been surprising new findings on the influence of sex hormones on cognitive abilities across the life span, as well as an increasing number of studies examining how attention paid to category variables such as one's sex, race, or age affects unconscious and automatic cognitive processes. Written in a clear, engaging style, this new edition takes a refreshing look at the science and politics of cognitive sex differences. Although it is a comprehensive and up-to-date synthesis of scientific theory and research into how, why, when, and to what extent females and males differ in intellectual abilities, it conveys complex ideas and interrelationships among variables in an engrossing and understandable manner, bridging the gap between sensationalized 'pop' literature and highly technical scientific journals. Halpern's thought-provoking perspectives on this controversial topic will be of interest to students and professionals alike. [features used for book mailer] FEATURES: *Includes new information about sex differences and similarities in the brain, the role of sex hormones on cognition (including exciting new work on hormone replacement therapy during menopause), new perspectives from evolutionary psychology, the way stereotypes and other group-based expectations unconsciously and automatically influence thought, the influence of pervasive sex-differentiated child rearing and other sex role effects, and understanding how research is conducted and interpreted. *Takes a cognitive process approach that examines similarities and differences in visuospatial working memory, verbal working memory, long-term acquisition and retrieval, sensation and perception, and other stages in information processing. *Provides a developmental analysis of sex differences and similarities in cognition extending from the early prenatal phase into very old age. *Tackles both political and scientific issues and explains how they influence each other--readers are warned that science is not value-free. *Uses cross-cultural data and warns readers about the limitations on conclusions that have not been assessed in multiple cultures. *Includes many new figures and tables that summarize complex issues and provide section reviews. It is a beautifully written book by a master teacher who really cares about presenting a clear and honest picture of contemporary psychology's most politicized topic.

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The New Feminine Brain

Author: Mona Lisa Schulz
Publsiher: Simon and Schuster
Total Pages: 480
Release: 2013-07-16
Genre: Self-Help
ISBN: 1439104751
Rating: 4.1/5 (47 downloads)

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Ever wonder why most women can handle the kids and careers and the renovation but men can concentrate on either the newspaper or a game on TV? This is because female brains have more interconnections that allow them to multi-task and split their attention. The New Feminine Brain is the first book by a medical doctor, who is also a psychiatrist and a brain expert, to show how modern life challenges are physically rewiring the brain and to address the particular challenges that women face as a result. The female brain today is not your grandmother's brain - it has even more connections and skills, but with that can come more physical problems, including an increase in attention and memory deficits and chronic mood and health conditions. The New Feminine Brain combines the insights of Dr Schulz's research and stories of clinical experience as a neuropsychiatrist treating people with tough brain disorders with unique self-help and expert health advice. Readers will discover and cultivate their special genius and intuitive style with provocative self-tests, so they can hear and heal their depression, anxiety, attention, memory, and other brain problems. 'Rewiring' exercises, herbs and nutritional supplements will improve their physical, psychological and emotional health.

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Marching against Gender Practice

Author: J. P. Linstroth
Publsiher: Lexington Books
Total Pages: 318
Release: 2015-10-30
Genre: Social Science
ISBN: 1498527736
Rating: 4.5/5 (277 downloads)

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Marching against Gender Practice asks why the majority of people in the Basque town of Hondarribia do not accept women’s broader participation in the Alarde parade which represents locality, regionalism, and nationalism. It is centered on two opposing gender worldviews between the betikoak traditionalists and Women of Mugarrietakoa feminists.

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Teaching the Female Brain

Author: Abigail Norfleet James
Publsiher: Corwin Press
Total Pages: 209
Release: 2009-07
Genre: Education
ISBN: 1412967104
Rating: 4.9/5 (671 downloads)

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Discover how girls' sensory, physical, cognitive, and emotional characteristics affect performance and how you can tailor instruction to promote girls' learning in math, science, and other areas.

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Handbook of Counseling Women

Author: Mary Kopala
Publsiher: SAGE Publications
Total Pages: 665
Release: 2003-07-11
Genre: Psychology
ISBN: 1452262853
Rating: 4.2/5 (628 downloads)

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The Handbook of Counseling Women addresses current theories, research, and issues relevant to the mental and physical well-being of women. Edited by Mary Kopala and Merle A. Keitel, this comprehensive volume is divided into three parts. Part One focuses on theoretical, sociocultural, biological, and developmental considerations. Part Two is devoted to assessment, diagnosis, and intervention. Part Three covers supervision, research, and ethics. Most chapters include case studies, recommendations for further reading, and resources for clients. Essential reading for psychologists, social workers, counselors, and psychiatric nurses, this handbook will also appeal to graduate and undergraduate students in counseling, clinical psychology, and clinical social work courses.

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The Brain's Behind It

Author: Alistair Smith
Publsiher: A&C Black
Total Pages: 216
Release: 2004-03-01
Genre: Education
ISBN: 185539782X
Rating: 4.3/5 (978 downloads)

Download The Brain's Behind It Book in PDF, Epub and Kindle

AT LAST! Alistair Smith's latest book is the product of three years research. If you want to know more about the brain and learning, this is the book you need. With separate sections on the development cycle of the learning brain from conception to old age, the book sets out to separate fact from fallacy, findings from fads. Clear guidance is given as to what helps and what hinders learning. Highly readable, illustrated throughout and well researched, the book will appeal to parents, educators and policy-makers. The Brain's Behind It promises to become the definitive book on the brain and learning.

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The Future of Ubiquitous Learning

Author: Begoña Gros
Publsiher: Springer
Total Pages: 271
Release: 2015-07-28
Genre: Education
ISBN: 3662477246
Rating: 4.4/5 (772 downloads)

Download The Future of Ubiquitous Learning Book in PDF, Epub and Kindle

This book explores emerging pedagogical perspectives based on the design of new learning spaces supported by digital technologies and brings together some of the best research in this field. The book is divided into three themes: foundations of emerging pedagogies, learning designs for emerging pedagogies and, adaptive and personalized learning. The chapters provide up-to-date information about new pedagogical proposals, and examples for acquiring the requisite skills to both design and support learning opportunities that improve the potential of available technologies.

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Handbook of Evolutionary Psychology

Author: Charles B. Crawford
Publsiher: Psychology Press
Total Pages: 664
Release: 1998
Genre: Social Science
ISBN: 0805816666
Rating: 4.8/5 (166 downloads)

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Evolutionary psychology is concerned with the adaptive problems early humans faced in ancestral human environments, the nature of psychological mechanisms natural selection shaped to deal with those ancient problems, and the ability of the resulting evolved psychological mechanisms to deal with the problems people face in the modern world. Evolutionary psychology is currently advancing our understanding of altruism, moral behavior, family violence, sexual aggression, warfare, aesthetics, the nature of language, and gender differences in mate choice and perception. It is helping us understand the relationship between cognitive science, developmental psychology, behavior genetics, personality, and social psychology. Foundations of Evolutionary Psychology provides an up-to-date review of the ideas, issues, and applications of contemporary evolutionary psychology. It is suitable for senior undergraduates, first-year graduate students, or professionals who wish to become conversant with the major issues currently shaping the emergence of this dynamic new field. It will be interesting to psychologists, cognitive scientists, and anyone using new developments in the theory of evolution to gain new insights into human behavior.

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Cognitive and affective control

Author: Gilles Pourtois
Publsiher: Frontiers E-books
Total Pages: 244
ISBN: 2889190927
Rating: 4.1/5 (99 downloads)

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Traditionally, cognition and emotion are seen as separate domains that are independent at best and in competition at worst. The French scientist and philosopher Blaise Pascal (1623-1662) famously said “Le coeur a ses raisons que la raison ne connaît point” (The heart has its reasons that reason does not know). Over the last century, however, psychologists and neuroscientists have increasingly appreciated their very strong reciprocal connections and interactions. Initially this was demonstrated in cognitive functions such as attention, learning and memory, and decision making. For instance, an emotional stimulus captures attention (e.g., Anderson & Phelps, 2001). Likewise, emotional stimuli are better learned and remembered than neutral ones (e.g., McGaugh, 1990) and they can provide strong incentives to bias decision making (Bechara et al., 1997). In more recent years, cognitive control has also been found to be intimately intertwined with emotion. This is consistent with an approach that considers cognitive control as an adaptive learning process (Braver & Cohen, 1999), reinforcement learning in particular (Holroyd & Coles, 2002; Verguts & Notebaert, 2009). From this perspective, cognitive control is not a cool encapsulated executive function, but instead involves rapidly calculating the value of situational, contextual, and action cues (Rushworth & Behrens, 2008) for the purpose of adapting the cognitive system toward future optimal performance. A wide array of research has shed light on cognitive control and its interactions with affect or motivation. Behaviorally, important phenomena include how people respond to difficult stimuli (e.g., incongruent stimuli, task switches), negative feedback, or errors and how this influences subsequent task processing. Neurally, an important target structure has been the anterior cingulate cortex (ACC) and its connections to traditional “emotional” (e.g., amygdala) and “cognitive” areas (e.g., (pre)motor cortex, dorsolateral prefrontal cortex). ACC seems to play a predominant role in integrating distant effects from remote cognitive and emotion systems in order to guide and optimize behavior. The current special issue focuses on the bi-directional link between emotion and cognitive control. We invite studies that investigate the influence from emotion on cognitive control, or vice versa, the influence of cognitive control on emotion. Contributions can be of different types: We welcome empirical contributions (behavioral or neuroscientific) but also computational modeling, theory, or review papers. By bringing together researchers from the traditionally separated domains, we hope to further stimulate the crosstalk between emotion and cognitive control, and thus to deepen our understanding of both.